The Tavern

In 1998 we created several templates in an effort to validate the capabilities of an eMail Server, the eStation. We created some templates for JanDee, SamBee, & aStorm; later we create a Digital Tavern to test Lists associated with the eStation

eMail created with Stationery is significantly larger than standard messages, especially if you include music and a background image. They can be optimized and can be made more efficient by using .gif files instead of .jpg; reduce or eliminate .mid files, etc.

Here are a few of the Stationery Templates that were created in 1998:

JanDee, SamBee, aStorm

The Digital Tavern, The Haunted Tavern, The Holiday Tavern

The Best of The Digital Tavern.

Create your own Personalized eMail Stationary to use with Outlook Expressidentify a theme, including pictures, music, colors, etc.Remember many images have copyright restrictions which may limit their use.