I reaffirm my allegiance to the three promises of the Scout Oath
I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself
the obligations and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle Scout
On my honor I will do my best
to make my training an example
my rank and my influence count strongly
for better Scouting and for better citizenship
in my troop and in my community
and in my contacts with other people
to this I pledge my sacred honor.

Brian Bench November 1987
Jed Norwood October 1988
Drew Norwood January 1991
Jared Edmunds February 1991
Shaun Davis May 1992
Scott Sommer May 1994
Scott Kafer May 1995
TeJay Griffiths October 1995
Andrew Desmond October 1995
Loren Hansen May 1996
Craig Dearden
May 1998
Jeremy Olsen February 2000
Matthew Beck February 2000
Blake Lingmann January 2001
Jae Ford September 2001
Joshua Engh January 2002
Robert Holt March 2003
Jeffery Mack November 2003
Nathan Berg May 2004
Jon Hansen May 2004
Tyler Desmond December 2004
Garrett Dodge November 2005
Bryce Lawrence
April 2006
Bradley Neilson November 2007
Benjamin Paxman February 2008
Trenton Griffiths September 2008
Louis Skoubye November 2008
Mark Hansen January 2009
Nathan Warkentin March 2009
Todd Neilson March 2009
Coleton Slok March 2009
Corby Lingman October 2009

Eagle Badge